March Madness Book Tourney Bracket

Last week ended our March Madness Book Tournament for the Intermediate School.  Mrs. Watkins set up the tournament as a way to get students talking about titles and authors... explaining why they liked some books better than others.  It worked!  Students made posters and videos campaigning to get votes.  The large bracket was a talking point as students gathered in front of it before and after school.  Mrs. Mills stated that students were coming to the library to check out the books from the Sweet 16 choices- all the way down to the Final 4.  The winning title was Mrs. Giudicy's class pick There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly.  Coming in at a VERY close second place (by 1 vote) was "Thank You, Mr. Falker' which was chosen by Teresa Lewis' class.  After announcing the winner, all 3rd-6th students and teachers enjoyed ice cream or a popsicle.  A 3-foot trophy has been ordered and will be the "traveling trophy" for this year's winner and future winners.  Teachers have already started talking about other titles that might be contenders for next year's March Madness Book Tournament.  Thank you to the teachers for helping create a "keep reading fun" culture in our school!