.And the Winners Are....

On Tuesday, Sept. 3rd, Mrs. Watkins presented a challenge to the Intermediate Grades:  The grade level with the highest percentage of daily attendance for September would win an "Ice Cream Buffet".  Before school started each morning, Mrs. Watkins encouraged the students to remember that attendance matters- "Every day- All day" and that whether or not absences are excused or unexcused isn't the most important issue.  Instead, the important message is that  missing school means missing instruction, not just assignments.  While some absences cannot be helped, Mrs. Watkins stressed the importance of coming to school on the days when students would just rather have stayed home without being sick.  Congratulations to the SIXTH GRADERS for having the best daily attendance with 97.72% daily attendance!  You will get to enjoy your ice cream buffet on Thursday, Oct. 10th.    Stay tuned for the next competition!

The rest of the grades finished as follows:

3rd Grade= 96.31%;     4th Grade= 97.2% .      5th Grade= 95.86%