October is Bullying Prevention Month!
October is NOT “Bullying Awareness Month”. October IS “Bullying Prevention Month”.   It’s amazing how one word can change the meaning of a phrase.  At Hugoton Elementary, the students and staff are fully aware of what bullying is. We are ready to move toward preventing it in our halls, classrooms and playground.  What we have realized is that we have less of a bully problem at Hugoton Elementary and more of “by-stander” (watchers) and “out-stander” (step away but doesn’t tell an adult who could help) problems.  We are trying to get more students to become “up-standers”  who will help students who are getting bullied.  Mrs. Ellsaesser is sharing ways to create a bully-free environment and Mrs. Watkins visiting with students before school each morning.   Parents:  Wed, Oct 23rd is “Unity Day” when all Hugoton Elementary students will wear as much ORANGE as possible and celebrate how we are all unified in our efforts to create a bully-free world!  #WeR210