EPIC volleyball winning team.

On Thursday, October 10th, HMS students celebrated the end to the first 9 Weeks with their EPIC party.  EPIC parties are earned by students who meet the following criteria during the given 9 week grading period; 90% attendance, 4 marks or less on student “Conduct Card” and all grades at 60% or higher.   During this first EPIC, students were able to choose what they wanted to participate in.  Goosebumps (movie) was shown in the auditorium for those who wanted to watch a movie.  The library was open for students who wanted to use technology or wanted time to read.  Volleyball was played in the gym.  Teams were pre-selected and the winning team is pictured.  EPIC is held at the end of each 9-week period.  The year will conclude with a “Reward Party”.  In order for students to attend the end of year “Reward” party, students must attend 3 out of 4 EPIC parties, and then they will be allowed to attend the Reward party.