Read 180 Students Raise Money for Fires

Mrs. Nordyke’s Read 180 classes at Hugoton Middle School recently helped organize and facilitate a fundraiser at their school to raise money for WWF-Australia.  The money will be donated to help support the care of the koala’s and other animals that have been displaced and injured from the recent fires in the area. The WWF- Australia is part of the WWF International Network, the world’s leading, independent conservation organization.  They held a bake/food sale, sold raffle tickets, and had collection jars for a pie in the face contest.  Altogether they raised $664.64, beating their goal of raising $600! Mrs. Nordyke’s classes have been learning about “Standing Up” to help others in need and wanted to apply their learning.  Her classes chose to support WWF- Australia as the Australian brush fires were a major catastrophe being highlighted in the national media.