The Summer Slide is REAL!


The Summer Slide is a real concern since we were unable to provide our normal high level of education due to the Covid19 school building closure.  The numbers highlighted in the above picture are correct for our Hugoton Elementary School students during REGULAR school years and summers.  However, it is more than likely that these numbers will increase since our students haven't been in school for 2 months!  Please do all you can to keep your child reading and/or listening to audio books throughout the summer.  It will make a significant difference for him/her when we are able to get back into the classroom.  Reading builds vocabulary, background knowledge and keeps our brains trained to focus for 20 minute periods of time.  One way to keep your child on track, is to join the Summer Reading Program offered at our awesome Stevens County Library.  Here is the link where you can sign your child up for the program but remember... signing up is the first step.  Reading throughout the summer is the most important part.