HMS/HHS Scholastic Art Winners

This year, the Hugoton High School and Hugoton Middle School art departments entered their first art competition of the year, what is known as the Scholastic Art Competition.  Each year this competition provides an opportunity for students to compete at a local and national level with the artworks created in class each day.

Past notable winners in this competition are the artist Andy Warhol, actor Robert Redford, actor John Lithgow, and writer Stephen King to name a few.   Hugoton is proud to be a part of this prestigious competition each year.

Students compete at the local level for what are known as bronze, silver, and gold awards.   This year’s judging took place this last Saturday.   Gold award winners will go on now to compete at the national level in New York City in March, with winners announced and invited to attend a National Awards Ceremony at Carnegie Hall hosted by many famous artists, including actor Sarah Jessica Parker, and the singer Usher.

Approximately 600 entries were entered in this show from 19 competing schools in western Kansas.

Getting accepted into this show is extremely presitigious, as over 60% of works entered this year from all the districts combined did not make it into this competition.

Hugoton had 21 winners from the high school and middle school combined, placing us in the top 4 districts.

This year’s Scholastic Art Competition winners for Hugoton High School USD 210 are: 

Hugoton Middle School

Nelly Friesen                Gold Key                Mixed Media                 “Hypnotist”

Tristan Kiley                Gold Key                Photography                “Shattered”

Effie Kolb                Gold Key                Photography                “Sunflower Belt”

Nelly Friesen                Silver Key                Photography                “Absent”

Effie Kolb                Silver Key                Drawing                 “Crazy Girls”

Zane Poulsen                Silver Key                Sculpture                “Machine Arms”

Julienne Salazar        Silver Key                Painting                “They Key”

Luci Cowser                HM                        Photography                “Warrior In Candlelight”

Yanira Moreno                HM                        Painting                “Beneath the Smile”

Hugoton High School

Marie Aguiriano        Silver Key                Digital Art                   “Retrospective”

Joanna Bojorquez        Silver Key                Drawing                 “Wrapped Giraffe”

Emmi Lott                Silver Key                Ceramics                “Cistus”

Marie Aguiriano        HM                        Drawing and Ilust.        “Inverted”

Marie Aguiriano        HM                        Printmaking                “Murky”

Janette Bojorquez        HM                        Digital Art                “Unforgivable”

Yesica Calleja                HM                        Digital Art                “All Alone”

Annha Eshbaugh        HM                        Sculpture                “Mischievous”

Juan Fraire                HM                        Painting                “Strangest Things”

Daisy Maravilla        HM                        Drawing                “The Unknown Girl”

Cody Perez                HM                        Drawing                “The Blue Snake”

Jayden Salazar        HM                        Digital Art                “Escape”

Cierra Yarbrough        HM                        Drawing                “Wilderness”