Internet/Phone Threats to Student Safety

What is Happening Outside of School:

As technology continues to advance, so do outside pressures that our students face.  These pressures range from YouTube Challenges to marketing of hazardous items.  The only way to stay abreast of all of it is through daily research.  Our hope at USD 210 is that the information provided in this message can give parents a starting ground of what is gong on and open communication lines in regard to social media and how to lead by example versus following the "cool" new trend.  

Currently, the internet has many different challenges that are tempting kids to make very unsafe decisions.  Most recently, the students have been talking about the "momo challenge" at school.

The Momo Challenge is delivered to (children's) phones through the messaging app "Whatsapp".  As it gains in popularity, It will most likely soon be delivered via other apps.  The game encourages kids to complete personal challenges and as they complete them, the challenges become increasingly dangerous and violent, and eventually suggest that the student harm themselves or attempt suicide.  Here is a short news video that will introduce you to this most recent threat to our children. 

USD 210 will continue to research harmful threats to our students and we will pass them along to parents and community as we learn about them.  Please have conversations with your children and continue to monitor their phone usage and social media contacts.