Enrollment Forms

Welcome to the USD 210 online enrollment for all students. Our goal is to make the enrollment process as quick and easy as possible. If you have a new student to our district, or if you have a returning student and would like help enrolling your child, we have set aside Thursday, August 3rd for in person enrollment. This event will be held at Hugoton High School’s cafeteria from 10:00 am - 8:00 pm. We will have staff members on hand to answer any questions or provide assistance in helping you enroll your child(ren). Staff will help you register an account and complete the online process.

Enrolling Returning Students:

As you start this process, we encourage you to read through all of the directions as they include the various links you will need to re-enroll your child. There are 3 simple modules (one model is required and 2 modules are optional) to complete the enrollment process: EZSchoolEnroll, EZMealApp, and EZSchoolPay. To get started, you will need to know your email address (username) that the GoEDU system has on file. If you cannot remember this, or the system does not recognize your account, please contact either Gwen Seymour  at gwen.seymour@usd210.org or call Central Office at 620-544-4397. If you are enrolling after August 3rd, you can call the building your child attends, and staff can help you retrieve your account information. Please do not recreate a new account.

The first step to enroll is: EZSchoolEnroll - REQUIRED

Please click the https://www.ezschoolenroll.com/Login.aspx link. Input your username and password. Once you are in the module, please fill out all of the enrollment forms.

The second step is: EZMealApp (optional)

The EZMealApp is an online free and reduced food application. You are not required to fill this out. If you would prefer to fill out a paper application for free or reduced meals, these will be available in each school office.

The benefits of using EZMealApp for students and parents:

  • Secure data input

  • Automatically generates eligibility notification letter

  • Provides immediate eligibility to students once qualifications is approved

To fill out the application, click on the link https://secure.ezmealapp.com/ApplicationScreen.aspx

You will not need a username or password. Simply select the state from the drop down menu then type USD 210 - Hugoton in the box and select. Then click next and follow the instructions to complete the form.

The 3rd step is: EZSchoolPay (optional)

This is the district’s online payment program for your child’s meal account and student fees. You are not required to make payments using this system, but if you would like to pay online, please click on the https://www.ezschoolpay.com/Login.aspx link. If you have used this system before, your username and password will be the same as in the past. If you have not used this module and wish to begin, you will need to register a new account. To link your account with your child, you will need their date of birth (DOB).

For high school student fees only, please check your child’s schedule before accessing the EZSchoolPay module. Certain classes in the high school have additional fees attached.

Enrollment fees are as follows:

Early Childhood Development Center - Preschool, Kinder Prep & Kindergarten

Classroom Resource Fee $30

Technology Fee - $10

Hugoton Elementary School – 1st grade – 6th grade

Classroom Resource Fee $30

Technology Fee - $10

Hugoton Middle School – 7th grade – 8th grade

Classroom Resource Fee $15

Technology Fee $20

Activity Fee $10

Hugoton High School – 9th grade – 12th grade

Classroom Resource Fee $15

Technology Fee $20

Activity Fee $10

Hugoton Learning Academy

Edgenuity Software Fee - $50

Additional Classroom Fees:

MS Art Classroom Fee $20

HS Art Classroom Fee $25

Health Science Classroom Fee (CPR) $28

Agricultural Classroom Fee $25

MS Woods Classroom Fee $25

HS Woods Classroom Fee $25

HS Automotive Classroom Fee $25

Instrument Rental Fee (District rented instruments only)  $50

Accessory Replacement Fees:

Replacement costs if lost or damaged:

Power adaptor: Brick = $10, Cable = $5

iPad case/keyboard = $100

Meal Pricing 2023/2024

Breakfast (Full) - $2.20

Breakfast (Reduced) - $0.30

Lunch (Full) - $3.05

Lunch (Reduced) - $0.40

Extra Milk - $0.40

If you would prefer paying for meals and fees via cash or check, you will need to come to in person enrollment, or visit your child’s office after August 3rd.