Outside District Enrollment Information

The Hugoton Learning Academy will again facilitate a virtual school program, which will be offered to out of district students through their local school districts. We offer a full line of Kansas accredited (Common Core aligned) classes in all of the major subjects as well as electives. Our classes include the following:

Language Arts

Language Arts 6

Language Arts 7

Language Arts 8

Language Arts 9

Language Arts 10

Language Arts 11

Language Arts 12

Literacy and Comprehension

Literacy and Comprehension II

Introduction to Communications and Speech


6th Math

7th Math


Algebra I


Algebra II


Financial Math

Mathematical Models with Applications

Basic Mathematics

Basic Algebra

Intermediate Algebra

Spanish I

Spanish II

Introduction to Art

Strategies for Academic Success




Consumer Skills

Healthy Living

Foundations of Personal Wellness

Lifetime Fitness

Art History I

Computer Applications-Office 2007

Career Planning and Development

Social Studies

MS World History

MS US History

Geography - SS1107

World History

US History



Human Geography

MS Civics, Government, and Economics


Life Science

Earth Science

Physical Science




Environmental Science

**We also will offer a full list of ACT prep courses, and online novels including The Red Badge of Courage, Call of the Wild, Nineteen Eighty-Four, Gulliver's Travels, Jane Eyre, Robinson Crusoe, The House of Seven Gables, and many more! The ACT prep classes and novels will be priced differently from the traditional semester courses. Please enquire for more information. 

All of our classes are completely customizable based on your districts teaching objectives. Enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year will begin August 6th.

Enrollment Fee: Only $50 per school year. 

Contact us for more information concerning our virtual summer school.