Dear HMS Parents,

The 2019/2020 is half way complete.  The holiday season is a wonderful opportunity for staff, students and families to reflect on the past semester and look forward to a new semester filled with new opportunities at HMS.  I have encourage every student to start with a fresh new mindset as we begin the second semester.  I am asking students and parents to be aware of absences and grades making both a focal point for each HMS student moving forward.  

Parents, please access “Go Edustar” and look at your child’s grade and attendance. Research has shown that students who miss more than 10 days in an academic year are at risk of suffering gaps in their learning. I meet weekly with all students who have D’s or F’s and encourage them to take advantage of opportunities to raise their grades. I have seen a lot of improvement with the D & F List over the last month.  HMS is down to 13% of HMS students having a D or a F, from a high point of 43%.  One change that has contributed to the improvement is that teachers are calling parents weekly if they have a students with a D or a F.  Students are also taking advantage of the extra help opportunities that are available to them.

As a reminder, students may request to go to a specific teacher’s room during Seminar for extra help. Students may also stay after school from 3:30 – 4:00 to get academic help if they schedule dates and times with their teacher.

A change I want to make you aware of is with the EPIC party that is held at the end of each nine week period.  Beginning with the 3rd nine week EPIC party, students must have an attendance rate of 90% to attend the EPIC party.  The only absence that will be excused with regards to the EPIC party is if students bring in an "excused" doctor's note for each absence that a student is sick.  No other absence will be counted as excused for the EPIC party.   EPIC Party criteria include: 4 or fewer Conduct Card marks, all grades must be 60% or higher and 90% attendance with excused doctor's notes for sickness.  

Thank you for your continued support of HMS students and Staff.

Mr. Warner

HMS Principal