Principal For The Day

Second Grader Earns “Principal for the Day” Status

William Smith was the principal of the day on 5/17/23. He earned this by getting 200 AR points. William went on the roof with Mrs.Boxum. He found a shoe and a football while he was on the roof. He visited with the other principals. He got to send some emails. He brought drinks to his mom who works at the school and to the secretaries. He got McDonald’s for lunch with Mrs. Boxum. He gave popsicles to all the second graders. He got to go to the central office and visit with the superintendent. He got to read to Mrs. Fredericks second grade class. He had to call someone’s mom and tricked her into thinking that her son got into trouble. He got to spend some AR points at the AR store. William finished his day by helping with bus duty. William’s favorite part was going on the roof and tossing the shoe down. He hopes he can achieve this goal again next school year.

Written by William Smith, 2nd grader in Ms. Gill’s class.